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Exrates is an exchange that offers trading in wide range of digital coins, and also accepts a lot of fiat currencies. Apart from the 2-factor authentication, Exrates uses a financial password to confirm financial transactions, which is indicated during registration and provides protection against unauthorized actions in the account

The Blockchain Summit Austria will be a comprehensive two-day conference focusing on real life applications of blockchain in finance, government, insurance, healthcare, energy, supply chain as well as mobility. Experienced speakers, keen investors and opinion leaders will examine the opportunities and threats of this emerging technology. They will analyze the status quo and give a foresight on what we might expect in the future.

BC&Law Ltd. is a global law and tax platform based in London that specializes in new technology regulations.
We link our clients all over the world with the high-quality law service provided by the appropriate law office. We are global law and tax chain cooperating with CATHAY Associates– global legal service network of about 70 offices in 60 countries. Our practice spans a wide range of legal, tax, accounting and compliance services to businesses and individual clients worldwide.

Welcome to the Malta Blockchain Summit, a melting pot for global influencers in technology, civil society, democracy promotion and innovation. Expect riveting discussion about the world-changing potential applications of the Blockchain across multiple verticals, including, but not limited to Health, Entertainment, Government, Banking, Payments and Fintech, and more.